7th European Championship 2008
26 July, 2008

Thank you It has been an honour and a privilege to host the 7th European Championship.

Our special thanks to Tracey Molloy President of FIT for the time we had with her to share ideas on the development of Touch in Europe. Thank you to Cary Thompson, General Secretary of FIT for his hard work , for his many hours he put into the organisation of this tournament.

Thanks to Dennis Coffey who came from Australia to share is audio visual experience and his invaluable knowledge of touch.

Thanks to Peter Walters – Mister Touch – for his presence to this tournament and his willingness to share his knowledge. A thank you too to NZ Academy, Sydney Rebels and Colonials for their help raising the awareness of touch.

A very special thanks to Faasen, Lucas Von Hoff, Mike Abromowitz and Dante Germina for letting us bounce ideas off them.

Un grand merci to all volunteers and employees from the town for their work, their availability and their kindness during the all event. Finally thank you to the French teams which made a remarkable course, finishing once 2nd and twice 3rd in the various categories presented.

Special mention with Marc Lajus of Free Touch elected better player in the Men category… and congratulations to all Managers and Coaches, to Eric Grimaldi and Linda: at the European overall classification, France passes from the 7th place in the 4th place in 2 years time!

In conclusion, I would like to say a big welcome to Ireland and Switzerland as new members of FIT… and Jeremy Howe, there’s a bottle of Champagne waiting to be opened at the next Euros if you keep your word.


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