Touch France :A new president
10 June, 2013


As you know, in January 2013, Erick Acker was elected president of the FIT, International Federation of Touch. Can not combine the functions for reasons of impartiality, Monday, June 3, Erick has resigned as president of France Touch. The board accepted his resignation with regret, because it loses there a quality person to manage Touch France. We can only welcome and thank Erick for all the work and dedication put into the development of Touch France. Erick leaves the presidency, but he wished to remain in the comittee and continue to assume the role of head of development, especially on the sporting aspect (coaching). The comittee is delighted to still rely on the human experience for these missions.

Following this planned resignation, the President of France Touch became vacant. As vice president of Touch France, the comittee elected me as president. I am honored to take on this important task until a new General Assembly elects its president. As I cannot combine the role of treasurer and the role of president, Linda Acker is going to assume the role of  treasurer during this transition period. Thank you to Linda for being proposed for this function.

The comitter has scheduled an annual general meeting Sunday, September 29 morning at French Touch in Nantes. We chose this day hoping to get the presence of the greatest number. Sophie, the general secretary of the federation, will communicate very soon all the information for this meeting. The construction of the house Touch France needs to further develop itself, so we need your participation. Come and join the comitte to bring your ideas and good intentions.

Best regards,

Sébastien Chassande-Barrioz
Président of Touch France
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