French competitions

 Here is the liste of the tournaments :

Month Date Cat Name Label Venue Clubs
 October 31oct/1er nov  MO, MX French National    Toulon TR83
10 MX Cassoulet Touch   Toulouse Toulouse Touch
June  27th  WO  Elegance Touch    Meudon
Free Touch 
20th   MX Spring touch     Nantes   Arrows Touch
May 23-24 MX Touch In Paris  Gif Sur Yvette
 Touch Roosters 91
29April – 03may : Touch World Cup in Australia
 April  11 April Open   100% fun touch    Dourdan  Dourdan Hornets Touch  
March  28th March Open  Le Grand Tournoi    Voglans(73)  Touch Voglans 
14th March MX Riviera’s Touch 2015    Nice Touch Azur 
December 13th October MX Tournoi de Noel   Strasbourg  Touch Strasbourg 
November 22th Novembre MX Breizh Touch Ruskenn Challenge II     Le Rheu / Rennes(35) Touch Frelons du Rheu 
8th November MX  Sub N Touch   Villelaure (84)  Touch Luby 
 October  18th October   Open Le cassoulet    Toulouse   Toulouse Touch 
11th October MX Crepes N touch Acigné Les Ratafias
5th October WO Atlantic Ladies Cup   Nantes  Arrows Touch 
July 5th July  MX   Tournoi de notre Dame de Mésage    Notre Dame de Mésage
(38, Grenoble)
June 28th June MX,MO CFCT Strasbourg  
7th June MX Touch In Paris Gif Sur Yvettes Touch Roosters 91
May 3rd May MX Spring touch IV Nantes Arrows Touch 
April 26th April WO  Elegance Touch     Meudon (Paris) Free Touch 
12th April MX Tournoi de Nice    Nice Touch Azur
Open 100% fun touch   Dourdan Dourdan Hornets Touch 


How the labels/stars are awarded?

The labels/stars are awarded by TouchFrance. At each level corresponds a set of criteria about the quality of the tournament. For more information about the labels, read the dedicated web page:

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